You can develop a positive quit smoking attitude

Did you know that you can quit just about any time you want to? The key is to develop a strong, positive, quit-smoking attitude. A negative attitude is not going to make the cut, and you have to be positive in your thinking and your determination to quit. The smartest thing I have ever done was to quit and I did that by developing and adopting a positive mental attitude against it.

For most people, quitting will not be an easy task. Smoking is an addictive habit, and a bad one at that. As you may know, nicotine is itself addictive. It is too often deadly. Some form of mental gymnastics may be in order for you when you finally decide to bite the bullet and call it quits.

A strong positive attitude

The main point is to convince yourself that what you are doing is truly beneficial to your health and well being. One very effective method is to create that positive quit smoking attitude. Make the decision to improve your health by quitting. Stop smoking cigarettes and tobacco of any kind. Instantly picture yourself as nicotine free. See yourself as someone who has no need or desire to ever smoke any kind of tobacco again. Develop and encourage that type of positive thinking, that you don’t want to smoke anymore and you have no need to smoke, and your confidence in your ability to quit will soar.

It may only be an hour or two, or yesterday, that you took the pledge and had your final cigarette, but think of yourself as a non-smoker anyway. Make believe that you never before have smoked a cigarette or used tobacco. Now, if you find yourself back sliding and looking for a cigarette, just tell yourself “I don’t smoke. I stopped. I’m a non-smoker now. I don’t need a cigarette” But do it with stronq conviction and really believe it This will really help to reinforce your new status.

And remember, you are telling this to yourself. You only have an audience of one, so there is no need to feel any embarrassment. You’re just reinforcing your resolve to stop smoking and kick your nicotine habit. It is so important to convince yourself you’re a non smoker. Avoid places where smokers frequent and where cigarettes, cigars, and tobacco are used in any form. You have to develop the positive mental attitude that you quit smoking and do not need a cigarette. You will have to keep reinforcing this attitude until it becomes second nature.

Physical components associated with smoking

The health benefits derived from smoking cigarettes are none. The benefits you get from ingesting nicotine into your system are less than none. There are no benefits. Added together these two negatives equal a positive drag on your overall health and are precursors of emphysema and heart disease. The health benefits of quitting smoking are all positive and increase good health and well being. And while the physical components inherent in your cigarette addiction may be hard to come to grips with, certainly if you have been a long-time smoker, this segment of your addiction is surprisingly, simple to treat with the proper medicine.On the other hand, the cognitive, emotional, and psychological components of your addictive habit will be the most ferocious battle you will face.

Non-smokers don’t smoke

By immediately classifying yourself as a non-smoker, you are taking the first, and most important, first step to being nicotine and cigarette free. This must be a conscious, assertive effort on your part. While this may appear absurd to brand yourself as a non-smoker, even though it has only been for a brief period, try it. If you can really convince yourself that you are a no-smoker, the thought of having a cigarette will really take a lot of negative energy on your part to convince you otherwise. It will really make you think twice about having a cigarette – after all: non-smokers don’t smoke, do they?

Resist the urge

If you don’t develop this idea that you do not smoke, have quit smoking, and no longer crave a cigarette it will frankly, begin a very slippery slope lapsing quickly back into an occasional cigarette. It is, of course, fairly common for a very recent ex-smoker to take a drag now and then, and we all know that? So, if you don’t constantly think of yourself as an ex-smoker you’ll allow yourself these indulgences – an occasional drag, or even a full cigarette now and then – that will almost certainly ensure that your attempt to quit smoking ends in failure.

You can quit smoking

Every story about someone who has tried to quit smoking includes the fact that the urge to smoke was at first a strong, palpable, and irresistible craving. Resolve and dedication oft times went out the window. It is your nicotine addiction that controls this urge to smoke to resupply the dwindling store of nicotine in your body that makes you crazy for one more smoke. It can be an uphill battle for some, but once you get past this initial hurdle the road levels and then goes quickly downhill until your system is cleaned of nicotine.

You can quit smoking with a positive quit smoking attitude by recognizing the detriments caused to your health from the smoke laced tars and nicotine stained lungs that eventually cause you to gasp for each new breath.


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